Awareness is the first step to change....

One of the steps to adopt a new lifestyle is to become aware of what food does to you.
you do. Because of our busy lives, we are often so used to eating without attention. We eat
like in front of the television, at the computer while we're working. That way we feel
no longer feel what food does to our bodies.

Do you also want to enjoy food more instead of mindlessly shoving it down your throat and start a new lifestyle?

How would it be for you if you...

You don't have to worry about your weight for the rest of your life? And you feel good again and full of energy?

✓ You get compliments on your looks? And the question, "What happened to you? What did you do?

✓ You found the way that works for you... with lasting results!

You are finally rid of those excess pounds. You can put on those clothes that have been in your closet for years. And look fantastic on you.

"Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food"

Miss Health Reset addresses the specific causes of the suspected imbalance in your body. We use nutrition as a medicine. Our personalized nutrition plan improves your metabolism and restores your hormonal balance. This way your body converts food into energy instead of fat. This will bring your body back into balance and you will lose weight. Healthy, responsible and with lasting results.

Do you want that Lifestyle switch?

What influence do you yourself have on your health?

Your body faces quite a few challenges every day. In quantity and quality. It is heavily burdened and excess waste is stored in your fat cells. You experience ailments that you dismiss because of aging or diseases have already presented themselves.

Possible challenges for you include:

  • smoking
  • alcohol
  • eating processed foods
  • sugars you ingest
  • excessive stress that you experience on a daily basis
  • Unresolved traumas from your past cost you energy.
  • rising air pollution
  • medication
  • the non-natural skin care products that you put on your body.

What we do

Miss Health Reset allows you to tap into your body's self-healing capacity. It advises you on a variety of meals based on healthy food. Food that is available at every market or supermarket. No shakes, pills or powders. We also do not count calories.

With the right combination, quantity and frequency of food you create a healthy weight. In case of shortages of vitamins and minerals, we supplement these. Your resistance improves, so that health problems and ailments decrease or disappear.

About Carola

I am a health expert and guide women to an optimal life. By experiencing a high performance pressure they are often tired, experience sleep problems and notice that their weight increases. By following my programs they experience a total reset. From now on they are powerful, energetic women who are able to shape their lives in a self-confident manner and who experience peace within themselves.

Body and mind are inseparable. After basic medicine I started to specialize in Orthomolecular, Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine because the cause behind the ailment is the basis for healing.


The body is not only made up of body and mind but also a spiritual and energetic body. As a therapist and coach at Miss Health Reset, I guide women to achieve balance in all areas so that they feel truly fit again and are passionate about life again. I am a top expert in what I do with 25 years of education and training in the fields of medicine, consciousness and coaching.

What I have experienced in my work as a therapist and coach over the past ten years is that stress, a busy life in combination with a enjoyed diet can ultimately be pathogenic and cause complaints such as fatigue, obesity, sleeping problems, hormonal imbalance or abdominal complaints.

Where your head can no longer say no, your body will do it for you. I see it as my mission to guide women to stay physically and mentally healthy. With care and attention so that they are at the helm of their own optimal lives.

During my life, I have always been looking for balance and the best version of myself. I wanted balance between my talents, work and home, ratio and emotion, effort and relaxation, development and acceptance. Now I feel like the best version of myself.

This is what I strive for in my work and want to pass on so that you too can be the best version of yourself and be at the helm of your own life.

It is from this mission that I created the Feed Your Energy program specifically for women who want to live life to the fullest and look fabulous.


  • You optimize your health and strengthen your immune system. This means that ailments decrease and you will experience peace.
  • You get a healthy weight that suits you and you feel good about yourself. From now on you will walk out of the door with confidence.
  • Your metabolism recovers so that hormonal and intestinal problems decrease.
  • You experience more energy both mentally and physically. This is great because you can now put this into what really makes you happy.
  • The condition of your skin will improve considerably. You look radiant again
  • It improves your digestion by allowing your intestines to repair themselves
  • You absorb nutrients such as vitamins and minerals better. This has the effect of making your metabolism function even better.
  • Should you suffer from low-grade inflammation, it will decrease
  • You restore your hormonal balance so that menopause symptoms are reduced or even disappear.
  • You let go of emotional ballast and this gives you a freer feeling, more vitality and energy to live optimally.

"Invest in your health for life".

Of course I will help you through the whole process and take as much as possible out of your hands. Feed your Energy is a 3 month program that focuses on a healthy lifestyle. A lifestyle where you never have to go on a diet again and you automatically work on your health in a preventive way.

What is the program?

Together we will list your past, current situation, your wishes and goals. You will experience deep insight into your eating pattern and lifestyle.

A comprehensive blood analysis to help you improve your health in a targeted and effective way. It looks at the different processes in your body and how your major organs (such as your liver, heart and kidneys) function, whether you have certain health risks and how your status of the most important vitamins is.

✓ A personal nutrition plan with the best diet for you.

Practical information, sample meals, list of suitable food sources and recipes. Of course you have the possibility to bring in your own preferences.

✓ Vitamin and mineral advice.

✓ Always possibility to ask questions via whatsapp or mail.

Follow-up coaching call 6 x 30 minutes

Pink Desserts Recipe eBook Cover

"Your DESIRE to change must be GREATER than your desire to stay the SAME"

By changing your diet you strengthen your immune system, complaints decrease or completely disappear and you experience that fantastic energy.
You experience more peace and space in both your body and head. Your self-confidence will increase after you have lost the first few kilos.
Of course I give tips for small changes you can make in your lifestyle. I understand like no other that you want to shine and put energy in things that make you happy.

Our unique approach

From the first meeting to getting started with your personal nutrition plan, these are the most important phases of our program:

In 4 steps to your own success story

Free Health Consultation where we answer all your questions.

After registration we will analyse your blood

Expert advice and you get to work on your personal program.

Personal 1-on-1 coaching during the program.

What others say...


After a very stressful period with a divorce and moving house, my nutrition really took a back seat. I was in a huge depression and didn't know how to continue. I am so glad that Carola helped me. What a few adjustments in my life has given me is priceless.

Diana G


Actually my whole life I had problems with my bowels and therefore problems with my weight. When rheumatism was added it was time to look further. Orthomolecularly, there is a totally different look at my complaints. I never thought I would be able to function fully, but the opposite is true. I am so glad I took this step!

Margot vd S


The investment for this complete program is € 897,-.

An investment in:

  • Lifestyle with lifelong value
  • You don't have to go on a diet anymore
  • You get a healthy weight
  • You're back at the helm of vital life.
Prefer to pay in 3 instalments? That is possible! Send me an email to request this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Change starts with yourself where you take responsibility for. Of course you will receive guidance and we are ready to support you and answer all your questions. Together we will achieve success.

What's in it for you:

  • You optimize your health and strengthen your immune system
  • You get a healthy weight that suits you and you feel good about yourself.
  • Your metabolism will recover so that your complaints will diminish.
  • You experience more energy both mentally and physically
  • The condition of your skin will improve considerably. You look radiant again
  • It improves your digestion by allowing your intestines to repair themselves
  • You absorb nutrients such as vitamins and minerals better
  • Should you suffer from low-grade inflammation, it will decrease
  • You restore your hormonal balance which makes you feel better in your skin
  • You release emotional ballast and this gives you a freer feeling, more vitality and energy

Your blood is the mirror of your health. A blood test can identify risks early on that may not be harmful to your body now, but might be later on. 

We see how your main body processes and organs function and how the most important vitamins do.

This is the way to gain insight into your health and start working directly with your most precious asset.

No it is not a diet in the traditional sense, but a change in your eating pattern. The program will bring your metabolism and hormones back into balance.

The plan will be composed based on your goals and the needs of your body. This way you develop an eating pattern which you can maintain for a lifetime. You will gain a healthy weight and improve your overall health.

The nutrition plan contains complete and practical information about the diet that suits you best. 

Based on your goal, proven dietary rules and relevant personal characteristics. This will include: what you achieve with nutrition, gender, age, activity level and the ability to bring in your own preference as a vegan.

Your personal plan consists of nutritional advice, menu examples and additional rules to make it a lifestyle.

You certainly can! All products on your food list are natural and healthy products that are available in the supermarket.

You can cook according to your own nutrition plan and extend the meal for the rest of the family if you wish.

If the results of the blood test show serious deficiencies, it is advisable to take a supplement.

For me the basis is nutrition and in case of (serious) shortages supplementation with a supplement. Of course in consultation with you.